Air conditioning is practically a necessity in today’s modern world. Central air especially increases a home’s equity and can be added to an existing furnace. With spring right around the corner, you may be considering replacing an old air conditioner and taking advantage of off-season discounts. Getting a new air conditioner can be an easy process when you plan ahead and do your research.

Bundle It With the Furnace

If your furnace is reaching its replacement date, you may need to consider getting a new air conditioner as well. Your central air directly utilizes the ductwork from your furnace. If you’re having issues with your ducts or furnace, the problem can easily spread to your central air unit. Rust, corrosion, and water damage are all common issues that can lead to replacing your home’s heating and cooling system.

Bundling your central air with your furnace is a great investment in your home and could save you service costs. You won’t have to schedule multiple appointments with a technician and can inquire after bundling discounts and deals. You’ll have an easier time planning maintenance visits and maintaining better temperature control in the home. Replacing systems before they wear down the home’s efficiency can prevent damage and hefty costs.

Central Air or Window Units

Both central air and window units have unique cooling benefits. Window units are often cheaper than central air and are more accessible to renters and those in smaller homes. If you have window units, always consider the best size for your needs to maximize energy efficiency and cut down bills. These smaller units often have to be replaced every 10 to 15 years at most and require regular maintenance and filter changes.

Central air is an excellent investment in a home to improve its equity and comfort level. Many homes today will struggle to sell on the market if they don’t have AC or if the furnace is outdated. You often have better temperature control in the home and can keep a larger area cooler for less with central air. The best choice for your home depends on your status as a renter or homeowner and your available budget.

Search for Off-season Deals

Extreme temperature seasons like winter and summer are busy times for professional technicians. They’re often booked up with maintenance and repair requests when families run into critical issues with their heating and cooling systems. Starting your air conditioner search in the spring or fall gives you more options. You’ll have an easier time making an appointment with the company of your choice.

You’ll also have access to off-season discounts. Many retailers are getting rid of old stock to make room for new upcoming models. You’ll have a better chance at finding amazing models that were new last summer now at hugely discounted prices. Shopping off-season gives you significant financial benefits and puts you ahead of the curve for the hot season.

Improve Your Home’s Efficiency

Installing a new air conditioner before your old system breaks down can save you money and trouble in the future. Old cooling units lose their efficiency as they age, using more energy to cool less of the home. They may break down more frequently and require expensive repairs and maintenance. Every system gets to a point where replacing it becomes the better option.

Improve the comfort and energy efficiency of your home by installing a new air conditioner before the summer. You don’t want to risk the unit breaking down during the hottest days of the year. You can also find new and exciting features in modern air conditioners that benefit your household. Consider adding smart thermostats and controls that keep a better eye on your energy usage and save you money each month on utility bills.

Extraordinary Heating and Cooling Care

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