Each fall, you should call Medcalf Heating & Cooling to schedule an appointment for furnace maintenance. This visit will get your unit ready for the cooler months. Regular maintenance can help you achieve greater efficiency, resolve repair issues promptly, and get more years out of your system. You’ll be fully prepared for the first cold day of the winter.

1. Filter Change

Your furnace regularly needs new air filters. It’s a good idea to start the heating season with a fresh filter. Your furnace technician may swap out your dirty filter and put in a new one. This can be a good opportunity to ask a professional about the best filters to use and how often to change them.

2. Cleaning

The cleaner your furnace is, the more efficiently it will be able to run. Removing dust and debris, therefore, is an important part of every heating tune-up. Your technician may remove dirt from the combustion chamber and the blower. Special attention may need to be paid to the coils and the burners.

3. Tests

A furnace is a complex system that relies on each part working properly. Your technician may run a series of tests to make sure that you’re achieving optimal performance. Gas pressure and electrical voltage are common levels for techs to check during a tune-up.

4. Thermostat Check

Your furnace should warm your home to the temperature set on your thermostat. Sometimes, though, the output doesn’t match the settings. If the furnace is running too cool, you may feel unnecessarily chilly. If it’s too warm, then you might waste money on heating costs. Through a process known as furnace calibration, your tech can check whether you’re achieving your hoped-for temperature. If not, tweaks can be made accordingly.

5. Adjustments

Over time, parts of your furnace may start to come loose. Perhaps your technician will find electrical connections that need to be tightened. A screw may be working its way out, which can lead to rattling noises inside your system. Making small adjustments like this during a tune-up can save you trouble down the road. You’re less likely to need to call for a midseason repair if a professional has already made sure that your system is in top-notch shape.

6. Inspection

Furnaces experience wear and tear over the years. As parts start to fail, you may experience loud noises, unusual smells, uneven heating, or increasingly high bills. You could end up in a situation where your heater won’t produce warm air and might not even turn on at all!

During a furnace tune-up, your technician will carefully inspect each part to make sure that it’s still in good shape. If not, it may be time to make an adjustment or replace a part.

Your tech will especially pay attention to components that are essential to the safety of your system. For example, damage to the heat exchanger or the flue could allow carbon monoxide into your home. It’s essential to catch such furnace problems early.

7. Discussion

Your furnace technician may need to talk to you about problems that popped up during the tune-up. Sometimes, small repairs can be performed on the same day. For larger issues, you may need to schedule a return visit.

Your tech may also recommend a furnace upgrade, particularly if your unit is older or in need of major repairs. You can discuss the pros and cons of repair versus replacement before making a final decision.

While the final decision is up to you, keep in mind that fall is often the best time to make furnace repairs or do a new installation. It makes more sense to have your system worked on before you’re depending on its warmth. Plus, being able to schedule the work at your convenience is often preferable to squeezing in a last-minute emergency visit.

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