Many homeowners fail to look at their ductwork when inspecting their HVAC system. Your ductwork is responsible for directing cool and warm air to your rooms. When you fail to take care of your ductwork, you might suffer increased energy bills and compromise your comfort. Your air ducts often need repairs, regular maintenance, and replacements when they are significantly damaged. Since air ducts are mostly placed in hidden places, it might be hard to know when they need to be replaced. Several signs indicate you need to replace your air ducts.


Most HVAC systems can last up to 10 years with proper care. If you have old ducts, it could cause you potential problems. When your air ducts age, the joints and seals become weak and susceptible to wear and tear. This can result in poor airflow, increased energy costs, and discomfort. Also, if you installed your ductwork a long time ago, new materials are being used today that could make the ductwork more efficient and safe. Upgrading your ductwork will ensure your system’s efficiency and prolonged lifespan. Contact our professionals to replace your ductwork if you suspect it’s more than 10 years old.

Insufficient Airflow

The primary purpose of your ductwork is to supply air through the vents to your rooms. After switching on your heater or AC, you should inspect your rooms to find out if they’re all getting enough air. You can confirm this using an indoor thermometer. If there’s a significant difference in temperature in various rooms, you should inspect your ductwork. Poor airflow could be a result of leaks, corrosion, or completely damaged ductwork. Ensure you replace your ductwork if you notice uneven heating and cooling.

Noisy System

When you turn on your heating or cooling system and notice some rattling sounds or loud vibrations, you might need to inspect your ductwork for damage. Your HVAC system is designed to make some noise, but the noise shouldn’t be excessively loud. The loud noise is often caused by damaged fiberglass or plastic joints. Also, large holes in your ductwork could cause loud noises when air circulates through the air ducts. A noisy system means you should inspect the ductwork and replace it if there’s significant damage.

High Energy Bills

When a significant amount of air escapes from your ducts, you’ll see it reflect on your energy bills. High energy bills result from inefficient HVAC systems. One reason your system could be insufficient is damaged ductwork. An example is when your ducts have huge holes that result in air leaking. When the system is not directing sufficient air to your home, it has to work harder than usual to provide warm or cool air. This, in turn, results in increased energy bills. If you notice your energy bills are high than usual, check your ductwork and replace it if the damage is extensive.


Mold in your ductwork could cause severe problems. When mold accumulates in your ductwork, the air directed throughout your home could have mold spores that can cause allergies or other serious health issues. The mold in your ductwork results from condensation due to different temperatures in and out of your ductwork. Mold also results from poor insulation in your ductwork. If every time you switch on your cooling or heating system, it emits a foul smell, you might need to inspect your ductwork for mold and contact an expert for assistance.

Dents and Punctures

If you notice your ductwork has dents and punctures, it’s a clear indication to have it replaced. The dents and punctures might be a result of something heavy falling on your ducts. When the ducts twist or puncture, it could restrict airflow, causing inefficiency. Poor airflow caused by the dents also increases your energy bills. When inspecting your ductwork, ensure you look for dents and punctures.

Improper Installation

This is a significant sign that you should replace your ductwork. If the installation process wasn’t done by a professional and the design and installation are off, it could cause future damage. Your ductwork should be installed appropriately to be able to transfer warm or cool air while still maintaining efficiency. Poor ductwork causes reduced comfort levels in your home. Contact our experts if you suspect your installation was poorly done.

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