Most air conditioners are designed to withstand many different weather conditions; however, they are not impervious to damages that a storm can cause. Having an HVAC specialist check out your unit after a storm can go a long way in detecting problems early. Early detection can help you avoid expensive costs incurred once the problem advances or irreversible damage to your AC unit. Some of the common signs of a damaged air conditioner include:

Burning Smell

The smell of a burning appliance could indicate a burnt wire, a fuse that has blown, or a damaged electrical motor, among other issues. During storms, there is the likelihood of power surges occurring, and this could damage your electrical appliances and electric systems such as your Air Conditioner. You should ensure you turn off your air conditioning system and contact our specialists. We will inspect your system and carry out the necessary repairs or replacements based on the diagnosis.

Reduced Efficiency of Your Air Conditioner

Your AC may not be cooling like it used to before the storm hit. This could indicate a damaged refrigerant line, clogged condenser lines, or a damaged AC motor, among other issues. The storm may have damaged these components making your AC function less efficiently. You should contact our specialists at Medcalf Heating & Cooling for prompt diagnosis on the issue with your AC. We will then recommend the best course of action based on our diagnosis and have your AC up and running.

Strange Noises From Your AC

Strong winds may blow loose debris into your outside air conditioner unit during heavy storms, causing it to produce weird noises such as screeches, rattles, or buzzes. If the debris is not removed on time when logged inside your outside AC unit, it can cause your system to overheat and lead to system failure. If you hear weird sounds coming from your unit, you can turn off the AC and look for the debris causing the noise. If you cannot find the debris, you can contact our specialists for further assistance.

A pool of Water Around the Outside Unit

If you have poor drainage around your outdoor unit, it may end up getting submerged in water during a storm. The outdoor units are built to be water-resistant; however, they should not be submerged in water as this can damage them. In case this happens, you should turn the unit off at the circuit breaker to avoid electrical shock. You should then create a way for the water to drain from the unit and contact our HVAC specialists. They will assess the damage to your outside unit, and if it needs repairs or replacements of its components, they will perform them.

Your AC Won’t Turn On

During a storm, power may go out, and once regained, your AC may refuse to turn on. This may be because the AC suffered damage during the power surge caused by the storm. The circuit breaker helps protect your system, and you could reset it to check if the AC will come on. If the AC still doesn’t come on, our HVAC specialists will provide you with prompt, reliable services and fix your system.

Physical Damage to Your Outside Unit

After a heavy storm, you may notice obvious signs of damage to your outside unit, such as your condenser being displaced or some wires being disconnected, among other issues. You can contact our specialist, who will look into the problems and perform the necessary repairs. If your unit is severely damaged, we may recommend you replace the system.

A Damaged Breaker Box

If your breaker is turning on and off even after you reset, it may indicate that it was tripped during the storm by the power surge. High voltage power surges are likely to cause damage to the components of your AC system. Our HVAC specialist can assess the damage that has occurred to your system and provide you with the available options for fixing it.

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