Sometimes, taking on a do-it-yourself project instead of hiring a professional may save you some money. However, one DIY project that some homeowners may underestimate is AC installation. There are many considerations you should make before installing an AC. Sometimes, doing it yourself can cost you more money than if you had hired a professional to do it. The following are some reasons why.

1. Voiding Your Warranty

When a licensed HVAC technician installs a new AC unit, you will commonly get a warranty for it. A manufacturer’s warranty can significantly benefit you as a homeowner. Some benefits include covered or discounted AC repairs and parts replacement within a certain period, provided that you are in compliance with their terms and conditions. One common caveat is that your AC should only be installed, repaired, or maintained by a licensed HVAC technician. If you installed your own AC, your warranty will not apply if something breaks.

In addition to the manufacturer warranty, most HVAC professionals offer a labor warranty for a certain amount of time after they install your air conditioner. This means that any errors made in the installation will be covered as well as any other problems that were caused by the faulty installation.

2. It Is Dangerous

Because air conditioners run on refrigerant, you risk exposing yourself and people living in your home to hazardous airborne chemicals when installing the unit. These appliances require you to handle refrigerant correctly because this chemical can be hazardous if it lacks proper handling. Keep in mind that refrigerant leaks can cause serious health issues. Also, improperly disposing of this chemical can harm the environment.

AC units can be quite heavy and difficult to move. If you lift or install it improperly, it might lead to strains or injuries. AC installation also requires that you handle electrical components that come with their own risks to the safety of yourself and your home when done incorrectly.

3. Incorrect Sizing

Both undersized and oversized air conditioners waste your money due to inefficiency and premature wear. A very small AC for your home will constantly struggle to cool the entire indoor space as intended. On the other hand, an oversized AC will undergo a process known as short-cycle, where it meets the desired temperature on your thermostat a lot faster, shuts down, then turns back on after a short while. This process will likely increase the wear and tear of your system since it should only run two to three times every hour.

Oversized air conditioners draw more electric current than you need to cool your home and cost more than you would have needed to spend to keep your home comfortable. Undersized units increase your power bill because they are constantly running. The increased cost in utility bills from an incorrectly sized unit can equal that savings amount and more over time.

4. The Thermostat Is in the Wrong Position

A thermostat plays a critical role in dictating how your AC system cools your home. You set your desired temperature on the thermostat, and it ensures that the temperature is achieved. However, if you put the thermostat in direct sunlight or install it in the coolest part of your house, there will be cooling problems. When you work with a professional, they will consider a location in the home that will optimize the efficiency of the AC. They may also be able to suggest zoned systems and smart thermostats that can further reduce your AC costs and pay for themselves.

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