Much of the energy used in your Terra Haute, IN home powers your HVAC system. Although there are measures that you can take to improve the efficiency of your cental HVAC equipment, you’ll still be wasting a ton of money to warm or cool spaces that aren’t occupied. Having central HVAC systems zoned is a great way to minimize energy waste. Following is everything you need to know about these systems the benefits they provide.

Why Are Multi-Zone HVAC Systems More Efficient?

Multi-zone HVAC systems are designed to both save money and increase resident comfort. Central HVAC systems are built to heat or cool homes uniformly. They have just a single, central thermostat that governs their operations. If you have central HVAC, your heater or air conditioner won’t turn off until all rooms throughout the building have reached the temperature that you’ve set.

With a multi-zone system, your home will be divided into two or more service areas. Some systems can accommodate up to four zones. Each zone has its own thermostat and each thermostat can be used independently of the others. This eliminates the need to heat or cool spaces that no one is using. It also allows individual residents to establish their own preferred temperatures wherever they happen to be.

How Multi-Zone HVAC Systems Work

When zoning a central HVAC system, technicians install HVAC dampers throughout the building’s ductwork. Each zone has its own damper that either permits air to flow into the service area or blocks it. The movements of these dampers are guided by each zone’s thermostat and a central control box that uses sensors to receive signals from each location.

HVAC Dampers and the Control Boxes That Guide Them

In a zone where more heated or cooled air is needed, the thermostat will send out a “calling signal”. This signal is received by the central control box and then used to open the HVAC damper in the correct section of ductwork. Cooled or heated air will continue to flow into the space until the desired temperature is reached and the thermostat transmits a “satisfied signal”. Upon receiving this signal, the control box will close the damper in the ducting that services this zone, and conditioned air will flow into other areas of the building that still need it.

When Is Having an HVAC System Zoned a Good Idea?

Having your central HVAC system zoned is a great idea if you’ve been looking for a way to reduce your home energy bill and lower your carbon footprint. A multi-zone HVAC system is more efficient than a central one in that it doesn’t require homeowners to heat or cool spaces that no one is actively using. Multi-zone systems provide greater flexibility so that residents can customize temperatures in their immediate areas to reflect their unique needs.

These systems also allow for higher levels of comfort for all building residents. If you prefer warmer temperatures but your family members like to keep their rooms cold, you can direct heat to the zone that you’re using without making everyone else uncomfortable. Multi-zone systems are perfect for households in which residents have different preferences for indoor temperatures.

Why Can’t I Just Close HVAC Air Vents

You might think that closing off air vents in unused rooms will provide comparable benefits. In reality, however, HVAC air vents should never be fully closed. Even partially closing HVAC air vents for any extended period of time can place a lot of stress on your heating and cooling equipment. That’s because vent closures create excessive air pressure within HVAC ductwork.

Zoned central HVAC systems are built with air pressure mitigation features. These include larger ducts in select areas, and bypass ducts that allow excess air to flow out so that pressure doesn’t build. While HVAC vent closures accelerate wear and may even cause your heating and cooling equipment to fail prematurely, HVAC zoning provides ongoing energy savings without causing any harm. Best of all, as multi-zone heating and cooling systems increase in popularity, this is a home improvement that can also add to the marketability and value of your property. Paying for this upgrade now will modernize your home and keep it on par with current market expectations.

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