Commercial HVAC in Clinton, INCommercial heating in Clinton, IN is a necessity for any business. Whether you are running a small office space, a medium-sized warehouse, or a large manufacturing plant, your commercial space needs an adequate heating system to keep your employees productive throughout the chilly Indiana winter. Our team understands the heat-related challenges that small and large businesses face. Instead of worrying about the perfect setup for your heat system, you can trust our team from Medcalf Heating & Cooling to provide top-quality commercial HVAC solutions for your industrial space.

    Expert Commercial Heating in Clinton

    The significant difference between residential and commercial HVAC systems is their power and size. Residential HVAC systems are used in smaller areas and are generally smaller with less power. Commercial HVAC systems are required for much larger spaces and are larger and have more power to be able to heat large areas.

    Commercial heating systems are complex because they are used in much larger areas. Commercial buildings need to choose the most appropriate heating system because commercial systems are dependent on the size of the structure and power of the heating system. The heating system selected for a building must meet the design requirements, too.

    The most common type of commercial heating system is the radiant heating system. Radiant heating systems provide even heating throughout a space and preserve indoor air quality. Radiant heat systems that utilize an underfloor heating mechanism are efficient because they take advantage of heat’s tendency to rise naturally. Radiant heat systems work without ductwork, which means less energy is wasted and also less maintenance.

    Other types of commercial heating include:
    • Heat pumps
    • Commercial boiler system
    • Forced air heating system
    • Hybrid heating

    Expert Commercial Heating in Clinton

    It is essential to find a heating system that has the size and power to meet your needs. The ideal method is to consult with a professional who will explore all the options available.

    Professional Commercial HVAC Team

    Professional Commercial HVAC TeamMedcalf Heating & Cooling is a family-owned business with a team of experts dedicated to helping you understand the different commercial HVAC options available. No matter your situation, we have the expertise and experience to provide you with the best HVAC solution for your needs.

    Our company is a member of the local chamber of commerce, a House Call Pro Super Pro, and is EPA-certified. Our NATE-certified technicians provide exceptional service to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

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