You may have an older home here in Indiana without ductwork. If you are looking into installing air conditioning, you likely have questions on types of air conditioning units. You may have nightmare images of living for weeks on end surrounded by dust and plastic sheeting. We get questions about this all of the time at Medcalf Heating & Cooling in Terra Haute, IN. There are a few different major options that you can consider.

Ductless Air Conditioning

One option for some homes is to have us install a ductless air conditioning system. Ductless air conditioning is a much simpler installation than retrofitting ductwork in an older home. There is one outdoor unit and one or more indoor units. The refrigerant is sent in loops through your home from outside to the inside. Ductless air units are fitted with heat exchangers, coils, fans and blowers. These create a heat exchange system with the refrigerant. The hot refrigerant is sent outside for heat exchange and is returned back in your home cooled. A fan blows over a coil of the refrigerant line in each indoor unit, blowing cool air into each room.

These units are very energy efficient. They also have inverter technology that reduces the energy demand from the indoor and outdoor units. You can also turn off or turn down cooling in individual units that are placed in different rooms or zones.

High-Velocity Air Conditioning

Some homes cannot benefit from ductless air conditioning. For these homes, there is another option called “high-velocity” air conditioning. This system does have ducts, but they are only 2 inches in diameter and very flexible. They can easily be snaked behind walls, under floors and in attics. This saves the loss of space that ductwork will entail and much of the installation mess. These systems work just like central air, but the air output is more powerful from each 2-inch vent.

Adding Ductwork to Your Home for Central Air Conditioning

Each one of these choices is really dependent upon your home’s floor plan. We can install ductwork for central air that reduces the costs and mess in an older home.

Our goal in retrofitting ductwork for central air conditioning systems is to cut as little as possible. Ductwork can be routed in attics. Vents are cut in ceilings. For second stories, ductwork can be placed in closets, with the registers there feeding your first floor rooms. It does really depend upon your floor plan, but the goal is to make as few cuts as possible. The goal is also to avoid having to tear out walls. This saves on the cost of the installation and the duration of the project. It also spares you a lot of mess.

Pros and Cons of Each System

Ductless air conditioning is great for homes that have closed floor plans and smaller rooms. They don’t push out enough cooling air for larger spaces. Multiple indoor units in a larger space is not as energy efficient. The cost factor depends entirely upon how many indoor units you will need to cool all of your zones.

High-velocity air conditioning is great for older homes that have open spaces and larger rooms. You will have a system that has an equivalent capability of a central air conditioning system. The small vent tubing is highly insulated, eliminating energy losses that ductwork can experience in attics. Obviously, the installation is simpler and less messy than for central air. You will also not lose as much space to install this ductwork. High-velocity air conditioning can be a bit pricey, though.

We will take the time to carefully explain how we would go about installing ductwork and a central air system, if you want to consider that as well. In each case, we will provide you a full estimate of costs and answer all of your questions to your satisfaction.

Air Conditioning Installation Experts in Terra Haute

If you are interested in installing a new air conditioning system in your home in Terra Haute or the surrounding areas, we at Medcalf Heating & Cooling are here for you. We have been providing heating and air conditioning installations, repairs and maintenance in our local community since 2015. If your ducts need cleaning, we do that as well. We also provide plumbing services, like water heater and boiler services and installations. If you are in need of emergency repairs for your comfort system, we are available 24/7 for your convenience.

Our technicians are NATE-certified, and our company is certified by the EPA. We are a member of the Terra Haute Chamber of Commerce. Our company has been named a House Call Super Pro. We have two partner organizations through which we can provide financing of installations on approved credit.

Call us today at Medcalf Heating & Cooling in Terra Haute for all of your air conditioning installation questions and needs. We will help you find the best air conditioning system for your home and your budget.

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